Company Profile

Ju He Shuang Cheng Technology Co. Ltd set up in 2013, is located in the beautiful Shenzhen, China. It is an global cross-border e-commerce company, which integrated R&D, production and marketing. We are committed to providing perfect, professional, diversified and high-quality man's individual care and cleaning products.

Products & services

Start from the user's need, we design and provide practical,fashionable, personalized and diversified products to meet the needs at different levels of customers. Our main products include: razor, shaving brush, razor accessories, other personal care and cleaning products and other hundreds of goods and sets.

Cooperation Platform

With the largest category, the most homogeneous products, online SKU up to 5000, there are targeted "and more" Of the products, to keep consumers shopping depth, frequency, increase consumption sticky. Company at this stage based on "more supply Chain, multi-channel "mode of operation, the Chinese inexpensive goods, through the company's website and ebay, Amazon, speed sell, Wish , Alibaba, Taobao and other third-party platform sales to the world.

Save the elephants

According to statistics, the purchase of 10 sets of imitation ivory shaving kit, equivalent to less Kill 1 adult elephants. In order to save the endangered elephants, we should respond The World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) and the international wildlife Trading Organization (TRAFFIC) have launched A global campaign to deny illegal wildlife trade

Company personnel comprise people with Hearing impaired people.

He Xiaoqi&Zhang Wenfeng , the hearing impaired people, they are mainly responsible for the company's warehouse product packaging, information entry, product delivery, etc. They work very seriously and get along well with their colleagues. Our main mode of communication is to use instant messenger software , sign language or body language to communicate with each other. Most of the company colleagues can understand some basic sign language,


In the future, we will continue to enhance our R & D capabilities, enrich our items, improve internal operational efficiency, to provide customers with superior products and services to every customers!

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